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Hey There! I’m looking for somebody that can make me a freeze gun for my game! I’m not sure how hard it is to make so we can negotiate prices. Also this gun needs to have a 30 second cooldown before being able to freeze a player again the freeze can last for 5 seconds. If This is possible please help mw make this :slight_smile:

Do you have examples of your idea?

no i dont really i just want a gun that shoots a player and freezes them. thanks

I can do this though I have a few questions.

Do you already have a model?

Do I get paid before I give you the asset?

Send me a message on Discord at N_T#8175 or here on the devforum! Should be a pretty simple job, so if there’s anything else you need I’d be happy to work on that as well

Half before and half after also I don’t have a model already i can get it made tho.

I can, hook me up. Discord: Bobo#1478

Sorry already got somebody doing this.

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