(CLOSED) Drawing your Avatar (Personal Artwork) | 2D Digital Art Commissions

CURRENT AVAILABILITY: Close right now! Will resume back around 11 March and onwards.
Hi, name’s Arriayoun, or Arria/Arri for short. I will open this commissions temporarily and I will be selecting atleast 2 or 3 customers. Check my portfolio to find out more about me: (CLOSED) Arriayuon | 2D Digital Artist's Commissions

Regarding the topic, I will solely be illustrating:

  • Profile picture of your avatar
    (Basically, it’s only a bust/headshot drawing.)
  • Halfbody
  • Fullbody


Illustration above is just an EXAMPLE on how I will perform my comms. I don’t mind how difficult and complex your avatar would be.
Factual Proof:

For payment would be around:

  • 500-600 :robux_gold: for pfp/headshot/bust
  • 700-800 :robux_gold: for halfbody
  • 900-1000 :robux_gold: for a complete body

I would need a front payment around 1/4 to 1/2, this is because it’s to avoid steals/scams. Even if they stole, atleast I got payed first.

I will only accept transferring payment through GROUP FUNDS only. I can’t accept gamepasses or t-shirts or paypal, since I need the exact payment , I don’t own a premium and I haven’t own a paypal yet.
For contact, I highly suggest contacting me through Discord or PM me on Dev Forum.
My Discord: Arriayuon#0389

If you have any doubts, criticisms or problems regarding my commissions, do let me know by commenting down below.