[CLOSED] Drifting Simulator (Builder, Modeler, Investors and Scripter)


About Us

Hi there! I’m Inspirre, I’m currently hiring a Builder, Modeler and a Scripter to work with me for my upcoming game(Drifting Simulator)!

Information about the game

Drifting Simulator

Main Idea: Your duty is to drift your car(s) into the parking lot spots!
How to Play If you’re new to the game, you can select 1 car out of the 3 cars. Once you picked a car, you can select a map and the map difficulty. Your job is to drive forward until you are ready to hold down shift and drift into the parking spot on the side of the road or in a spot the game tells you to(It will show before you start the map). The higher the difficulty, the faster the car(Which means you must time it perfectly). The better to drive the car and park it the more coins you will get! You can also obtain coins from, getting a faster time. Purchasing Coins will be available. You can use coins to purchase maps, buy cars(Increases coin amount), car accessories(Which can double coins as well) and more!

How will you make Robux?
  • 2x Coin(Game pass)
  • VIP Pack(Game pass)
  • In-game Currency (Developer Product)
  • Live Again (Developer Product)
  • Starter Pack (Developer Product)
  • 2x Xp (Game pass)
  • 2x Booster (Developer product)
  • Exclusive (Gamepass)
    more coming soon

more coming soon

The Team
@Inspirre- Builder and UI
@username - Scripter
@username - Builder
@username - Modeler
@username - Investor
@username - Investor

About The Job

I am looking for a Builder, Modeler and a Scripter to help create “Drifting Simulator”.
Here are the tasks:


Build different simple maps.
Examples: Parking lot, Airport airstrip, Cave, City, In front of a police station, Intersection, etc.


The Modeler will create different vehicles. You don’t need to put a lot of detail, please make it very simple and cartoony(Such as Jailbreak).


The Scripter(s), will script the whole entire game.
Examples of what you will be doing:

  • Script Money
  • Script Vechlies Drifting(If you can’t I will look into hiring an Animator who can)
  • Script UI(Shops, etc)
    More depth on discord


Builder - 15%
Modeler - 10%
Scripter - 30%
Investor - 22.5% (Each until the Robux you invested is paid back, I’m willing to give 10% after.)

Contact Us

Discord: Pixel#0005
Dev Forum Message

You must be 13 years or older to apply.
If you need more information please reply to this topic or send me a message on Discord or Dev Forum!


Magic Cube - Hiring a Scripter, UI and Animator

I am interested with this.


What would be the point of investing if they get their money back. Usually a investor would be a permanent shareholder because they funded your project and were the foundation for it.


This reminds me of a mobile app game ad I keep getting on Snapchat. Best of luck re-creating it in Roblox.


If they invest their Robux. We would use it for advertisements and sponsors. It makes sense for us to pay them back their Robux they have invested into the game. But if you really want still a percentage, I’ll be dropping it down to 10%. If I kept their percentage I would not profit myself (I’ll be creating UIs and be building).

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Yup, seems good to me. Investors only invest if they see potential and profit in the games idea.


Will investors be getting any more robux then they invested?


As I said to @EggYolked if you want, I am willing to give 10% after you earned all of your robux. 10% why? Because I’m apart of the development team, I’m creating the UI’s and help with the building. If you added all the percentage currently:

It equals 100%. I would not make any Robux and profit off of my game.


i’m very interested i’ll apply for builder

i sent you a discord freind request hope i can get hired


Scripters usually get ~50% of the revenue, 30% is not enough in my opinion

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