[CLOSED DUE TO ISSUE WITH PLANNING] Looking for Animator / Music Composer / GFX for upcoming Tower Defense Game

Hello! We are Oneware Studios, a small development team.

We are looking for Builders, Animators, Music Composers and GFX makers willing to help us create our games.

Our current project is Tower Trouble, a tower defense game strongly based off of the Bloons Tower Defense games.

You can view our progress here, it’s in closed alpha but I’ll take down the whitelist for the week so people can join. If you become a part of the team you will obviously get permanent alpha access.

We need animations for the towers, GFX for the thumbnails, ads, Discord logo’s, etc. And we need a music composer which is experienced in the Hardcore genre and/or the chill trap genre and can make songs like the following:


The team currently consists of:

  • Animator
    We expect that you can deliver us high quality, smooth animations for our towers and other things, such as emotes, for the R6 Rig Type.

  • Music Composer
    We expect of you that you can deliver us high quality audio, which is loopable, in one of the following genres:

    Chill Trap

    You will deliver it to us over Discord, in MP3 format, and we will upload it. We expect you to give us the permissions to use any of your music made for us in Tower Trouble

  • GFX
    We expect of you that you can deliver us high quality images in PNG format.
    We expect you to be able to make GFX in the following sizes:
    728 x 90 pixels
    160 x 600 pixels
    300 x 250 pixels
    1920 x 1080 pixels
    You will deliver it to us over Discord, and we will upload it.

  • MidnightArctic - 20%

  • VirtualButReal - 20%

  • HunterAFO298 - 15%

  • Animator - 15%

  • Music Composer - 20%

  • GFX - 10%

You will be paid with the funds that we earn. You can choose if you want it in USD or in Robux. (USD will be DevEx)

You will also be given a personal tower in the game, can be anything you want.
You will also get permanent access to the game, regardless of the whitelist or alpha/beta.

You can contact us in the comments of this post, or in our discord. You can also contact me: Virtsquirt#3489

Thank you for reading this, I hope we get some potential developers to join our team.


I’m interested to become a GFX artist! Added you on discord.
Discord: QUlCKRED#8079

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If you ever get this back up, I’d be down to be the music composer. I’ve been playing Bloons forever, so I’m down to help any interpretation of it.

Discord: ADLHoratioNelson#5748

We will, we are just waiting for the private test release. The lead dev thinks that if I start to hire people now and the game doesn’t get popular we wouldn’t be able to pay you, so just to be sure we will wait for a bit until opening this again.
But yeah, I will definitely keep you in mind for when we open again.

Also, I noticed your prices were set, would you be able to do percentages or not?

I wrote him ask something for dm, answer plis

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I can work with percentages, however those are of course details we can discuss when you’re ready to take me on.

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