Closed due to tos violation

Closed due to TOS violation :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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One thing that I noticed: The GFX below the first one…what’s up with his right arm? Is he scratching his back?


i don’t think you’re allowed to post topics about prices, it’s considered spam in the guidelines. please read them properly next time!!

while i dont think it should be 250 ( should be higher ) i cannot give an accurate estimate since im not a gfx person

although i do want to question the design choice in armani, why are his limbs being chomped by the background?

I had originally planned to have his arms out, but by request of the client I was asked to change it! It looks slightly choppy because I had to change the arm around 4-5 times.

Yeah, I’m going to remove it now. Sorry about that!

That is just the style of the brushes, I decided to erase some of the render to fit some more brushes.

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