[Closed] EnderDoge36 - Builder

About Me

Hello, I have been building for about 7 months now and I thought I should get some more experience.
I can build in a low-poly style, or in a realistic style. I would like to discuss before I start building as I do not want to build something if I am not passionate about it.


This is the first showcase I just recently created. Neon City Showcase - Roblox


Bloxing Gym SS

Train Station


I am available every day, I am very flexible and can communicate quickly.

What I Will Not Build

  • Animals
  • High Poly Plants ( still learning )
  • Vehicles


Payment depends, my preferred method of payment would be per asset with Robux. The average price per asset for me is about 200- 600 Robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or through discord: enderdoge#9519
Thank you for reading! :smile:

Note: Currently not taking any large build requests. I want to finish ~ 1 every other day if possible.


Hello, you are pretty good for just been building 2 months.
Keep up the good work and I think you can sell your work already! :slight_smile:

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Can’t find your discord? Any chance you can add me? Trillx#0001 im interested. Thanks.

Re-opening. Now that it is summer, I have a lot more free time.