[CLOSED] Evectric Productions is currently seeking a Modeller!


My name is Purasia, a member of the Production Team in an active, operational group called Evectric Productions. Evectric Productions is a modelling simulation game set in the 80s, giving players the chance to host and participate in events, and compete for the top spots! Think of it like fashion famous, only a roleplay game. At the moment, we are still a small group and hope you can help master our vision with your experience and understanding of modelling/building. The new version of our game will have a slightly different genre, in which we will go into more detail as we progress in communication with you.

About The Job

We are currently seeking a modeller to help us with furniture designs, using low-poly assets with a retro theme to keep in mind. As a growing group, we are looking for someone who can satisfy every request we put in place. Keep in mind, we will be reasonable and we understand that you may be busy during certain hours. At this moment in time, we have the main exterior of our building completed, we just need a talented modeller to help us with interior design and furnishing. If you have a good eye for design and understand how to make things look good, you would be complete for the job! More will be explained once we speak to you privately. We hold great values in our company and the work we do, so we will not tolerate any time-wasters or people with bad communication. Weโ€™d like to have a healthy environment for developers to speak to each other, and will not tolerate minimum efforts for your profession.


Weโ€™re willing to pay you depending on how good the quality of your end-product is. Our main game brings about 90-130 players for each event we host, and our group and Communications Server is growing rapidly with new players becoming interested every day. Again, depending on your work, we are offering from up to 10K in group funds for this project. Obviously, if we adore the work you provide us with, we might look into proposing as a request that you could become a full-time modeller for our game, and may increase the final payment for your product.

Contact Us

In order for you to contact us about this position, you can contact me here via Private Messages on the Developer Forum or you can contact me using Twitter (โ€œxPurasiaโ€) via Direct Messages! Iโ€™ll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. You must be a mature 13-year-old or above to apply.

Thank you for showing interest in our project, weโ€™d love to work with you! :heart:


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