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Hello, I am an architectural designer who has built on ROBLOX Studios for almost 7 years. Throughout my career I have learned many new tactics, I am hoping to increase the amount by getting more and more projects. I enjoy working on commissions depending on what is required, prices vary depending on each amount of work needed. I am just beginning to get decent at blender, I can do simple things still in the works of getting better!

You can see a showcase I made here: Ruin Castle - Showcase - Roblox

Some places I have worked for:

☀️ TTD 3 - Roblox
Animations: Mocap - Roblox
Boba® - Roblox
BeachBlox - Roblox
The Dark Matter Studios - Roblox
Outlander Studios - Roblox
Nixs - Roblox

Most recent project

New World

Old Models

Old UGC Concepts

Adding more soon!
Game Link!
UGC Concepts - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of my work


I work whenever I am free, I do occur to play other games but not to worry I will make sure to get the project done right on time! It is best of you to give me a time date of when you want it done! Most projects consist of a week, but with school it can always be longer.

Prices are negotiable, I determine the amount of payment based off of how much work is needed to be done. I’d say normally it will be 75k+, it can be lower or higher depending on size and how long it may take me. I do try to keep track of how many hours I’ve worked on your project and that could affect the price.

USD or Robux
I do accept bigger limited’s depending on the build, only if the item is a clean item.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/synpletic
Discord: Discord
(Please note I don’t add people right away prefer if you’d just dm me!)


I am looking to take a short-term commission, but understand I do not take everyone.
If the project is a huge project, I will most likely have a friend help on it and I can provide their work too. I am learning a new type of design, so I’m open to doing new things!

Thanks for reading, I hope to talk to you soon!


I recommend soundleak when you’re looking for a builder, i’ve worked with him in the past, and I can say he was truly amazing to work with, he has excellent skills, and amazing communications. Go hire him!!! :slight_smile:


I have added you on discord, Flamixity is my username.

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I have worked with him on many important projects, bringing a lot of pleasure, as well as high expectations. I am happy to say that he has not once failed to blow me away with the quality produced. He is one of the best builders I know & have hired, he is also extremely cheap. If you are looking for a builder, I would highly recommend considering him.


I’ve worked with soundleak on many projects and would definitely recommend him. He has a work ethic like no other, and is a great collaborator when it comes to sharing progression and working in groups. Moreover, for the amount of detail and work he puts into everything he does, his prices are relatively low. For anyone who is looking for a great builder with care and passion, soundleak is for you!


I’d definitely vouch soundleak. He’s done some work for me helping with my homestore and 3D modeling different things. He’s extremely quick for the quality he provides and you definitely get what you pay for. If your ever looking for a builder I highly recommend him.


Sent a fr, got a question to ask you about something on Discord closereaper#6429


soundleak is a pleasure to work with, his builds are amazing and he’s great at taking note of critique. I highly recommend him!


A very impressive builder with an eye for detail! All his builds are of high quality! I’ve never worked with a better builder before! If you are looking for a kind, talented and passioned builder, I highly recommend considering him!


A great builder with a lot experience. Quick, efficient, lag-free and clean builds. 100% recommending to anyone looking for a cool build.


im in need of a builder for a city

I’m interested in commissioning for a homestore, I was wondering what is the usual price for a build that fits around 50 mannequins or so, that way I know how much I need to save up. do you have a certain price range?

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Depending on the size, normally 25k+.

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I’ve seen his builds and they are insane. He’s currently working on a commission for me right now and it looks outstanding so far. I recommend soundleak if you can afford him!


@soundleak an I hire you to make me a city I will be paying either 100k or 350 USD. please text my discord @ SerLoy#1111 the size of the city is 750 x 1 x 750. thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Highly recommended sound, I’ve worked with him in the past and he is really experienced and has giving me good advice when it comes to design.


i would like to hiring u to make me a city ill be paying 200k robux. add my discord. SerLoy#9709

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He is great when it comes to cafes and etc but wouldn’t recommend for city-based games. Not too satisfied.

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I’d completely agree, with the project done for you wasn’t much of my style still gave it an attempt! Thank you for the feed back I’ll try to learn that style more.

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I would like to hire you for my city paying 200k my discord is SerLoy#9709

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