[CLOSED] Experienced Scripter Needed! (full or part-time)

About Us

Hi, I’m WarMSG, I am the owner of a work in progress medieval military group called the Empire of the Byzantines. We are currently in the middle of developing our game and we have all assets needed other than a scripter.

(The discord is linked here if you would like to communicate with me in that method)

If you are interested in this job offer you may inquire as to the progress of our game.

About The Job

We are currently looking for an experienced scripter, which is ideally able to script things such as group team systems, rank exclusive morphs, weapons(swords/shields/bows), in-game currency, and more. If you are able to do at least one of these listed feel free to send me a DM.

We need these scripts to be completed in a reasonable time.


We are offering Robux in a range of around 1k-25k depending on the scripts being created. We are willing to offer more if necessary. Prices are negotiable and down payments are accepted. We also are able to do group revenue payouts but it is not necessary.

Contact Us

My discord is war#4016, feel free to shoot me a DM anytime

Thanks for reading!

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