[CLOSED] Expert & Experienced Scripter | clayman100man's Scripting Portfolio

Howdy! I’m clayman100man! I have been a Roblox Game Developer since 2012, and I’m mostly known for being the founder of Oatmeal Creations, CHICKEN WARS, The RoScripters, and the Co-Founders of CloudScape & CW Productions!

I’ve mastered the entire Lua Language, and know most of C# and JavaScript, along with some Python, HTML5, and CSS knowledge as well. I have taken part in scripting and game artwork in over 100 different studio projects, along with taking core roles in over 90% of them.

After many years of advancing my scripting skills, I am finally going to take a break from my own work and have finally decided to make a portfolio! :smiley:

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  • v ~ Upcoming Games To Be Released That I’m Working On ~ v

[VR!!] No More Sleep - Alpha - Roblox

  • No More Sleep // My Current Contribution: An Epic RPG Adventure built by Oatmeal Creations, a group I founded in 2019!

Mini Factories {Coming Soon!} - Roblox

  • Mini Factories // My Current Contribution: An awesome real time strategy game built by Oatmeal Creations, a group I founded in 2019!

  • v ~ Current Games I’m Working On ~ v

[RPG] Lost in the Sky [Fixed!!] - Roblox

  • [RPG] Lost in the Sky // My Contribution: An indie RPG adventure, made entirely by me!

Lost in Time (Reworkings in Progress) - Roblox

  • Lost in Time // My Contribution: An indie adventure platformer, nearly entirely made by me! Special thanks to Moonvane and Egomoose for a spike system and gravitational system.

Survive the Wave of Nilla Wafers! [Fixed!!] - Roblox

  • Survive the Wave of Nilla Wafers // My Contribution: A wave survival game, made entirely by me!

  • v ~ Old Classics I Still Update ~ v

[R15 + VR] Survive a plane crash INTO ACID!! - Roblox

  • Survive a Plane Crash into Acid // My Contribution: All scripting, GUI work, and now officially support FilteringEnabled!

Sky Island Galaxy - Roblox

  • Sky Island Galaxy // My Contribution: All level design, most scripting, and most models made by me! (This was mostly made as a world demo test)

{RPG} Model Hardcore - Revived!! - Roblox
(Sadly got bot disliked at one point :frowning_face: )

  • {RPG} Model Hardcore // My Contribution: My first RPG game. It used to be nearly all free models, but I learned from them, and eventually rebuilt the whole game from scratch. Still working on some things!

Galactic Wolves { Remade } - Roblox

  • Galactic Wolves: Remade: A nearly frame-perfect remake of 1pie23’s Galactic Wolves RPG from 2012, remade from memory! Most of the World Design, Most of the UI, and half of the scripting done by me!

  • v ~ Projects Made For Fun ~ v

Adventure in the Sky (Alpha!!) - Roblox

  • Adventure in the Sky // My Contribution: All level design, most scripting, most UI design, most model design, and story design by me!

[RPG] The Staff of Elements! - Roblox

  • The Staff of Elements: A mostly open world RPG now with FilteringEnabled! It used to have free models, but I went back and made it from scratch!

The Staff of Elements II (Early Alpha!) - Roblox

  • The Staff of Elements II: A mostly open world RPG inspired by Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! All scripting, all UI Design, all World Design (including terrain generation), and some model design done by me!

Memories (Alpha) - Roblox

  • Memories: Everything made by me, except for the music, and the particles in the lava room!

I’m still actively working on all of these projects. Hopefully you enjoyed if you had the chance to try any of them out!

Some code from my music system:

Which can be purchased for free at ClayScript ~ Music System { v2.0! } - Roblox

Although I am very active on Roblox and am known to be fast at making scripts, I am usually pretty busy on a weekly basis, and if I’m not available, I will be sure to let you know when I will be back and ready to conduct business!

Payment is definitely negotiable, and we will discuss it via DMs (because discussing prices publicly is not ideal)

Apologies for being closed, I’m currently backed up on requests!! Check back sometime soon, and I’ll update this when I’m available again! Thank you.

  • Discord: Temporarily Closed
  • The DevForum: clayman100man

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day! :smiley:


This guy knows his stuff. Not only is he an exceptional scripter who is obviously proficient in his field, he is an excellent business partner that is always willing to put in the work to make a product successful. Hire this man if you want quality and quantity.