[CLOSED] Factory Simulator is looking for a Head Developer!

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Gaming Glove Studios is a team of passionate, and talented individuals from all corners of the world. Our mission is to build a diverse and welcoming team so that together, we can release only the most quality content. With that, we are also mindful of life outside of ROBLOX, and work hours are created with that in consideration. As our motto states, we strive to be the best, and nothing less.

The Team
@ ILoveGloves21 - CEO
@ Tevi_n - Manager

Check out Factory Simulator to see our progress thus far!


>Head Developer 1/1 - We’re looking for an advanced Developer to take over updates for our first game, Factory Simulator. Essentially, you’d be tasked with programming and building for the game, and just overall helping facilitate it’s weekly updates.

As a requirement, you must be advanced in programming and building, and also have prior experience as well. If you aren’t, your application will be voided.

This can be you!


We will be paying you through group funds. Please be mindful that with ROBLOX’s recent restrictions, you have to be in the group for 3 weeks or so before being eligible for a payout. We are willing to negotiate on payments as well.

Considering the game has a consistent revenue stream, you would be paid 30% of the profits, and as an added incentive, receive R$150,000 as a one-time bonus after your first update.

Contact Us

Interested in applying? Reach me at imtevinokay@gmail.com, On Twitter @TeamGamingGlove, or here on the DevForums!

You must be 16 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading!


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