[CLOSED] Faircliff City Police Department is seeking a UI designer!


Hey there Developers.

I’m Iovedroses and I own a fictional police/city group called ‘Faircliff City Police Department’. We are a new group and is in need of developers. At this time of posting, we only have 20 members as we are quite small. Our main aim for our game if to bring great roleplay.

What is the job?

The job will be to make a sort of phone-based UI that can do multiple things. It must be able to purchase cash on there, meaning it must be hooked up to developer products. You should also be able to purchase game passes on it. Also with it, you should be able to join teams, however, they should be group and ranked locked. You should also have a section where you can see how much money you have.

If you can script you would be given EXTRA pay if you can’t you must make it easy for the scripter to use it.


I am willing to spend up to around R$1000 - R$5000 on this. If I find a developer that is outstanding and I believe deserves more, I will be more than willing to pay extra.

Contact Information

You can contact me on discord using Iovedroses#0069. This would be the one and only way to contact me.

If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments or DM me. Kind regards, Iovedroses.

This is a brief of what I would need done. If you think you can take on this task feel free to direct message me for a better description.

You’re looking for a Scripter that can also create UI. Not just a UI Designer.

5000R$ is too little, imo.


I know, it is quite upsetting really as I have only R$7,000 robux. I am attempting to look into investors but it is quite hard.

I made this same mistake with the pay get enough robux than hire or ask for someone who is willing to help for free usually people want a pay of over 50k robux minimum, or a good enough group payout percentage.

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