[CLOSED] FEEDBACK NEEDED! Hiring a experienced Scripter



Genre - Horror

About Us

Hi there! I am working on a upcoming horror game. My team right now is very small and it will gradually expand as I hire more developers.

The Team

@TZ_Eggs - UI/Animations/Building
@JimMoud - Scripter

About The Job

The game’s name is DarkBlox. It’s based of ROBLOX but the darkside of the ROBLOX website. You are browsing the website because you are a journalist trying to write a article on it. However, you are putting yourself at risk because people who go on DarkBlox are being watched by someone on the other side.
What this game need’s currently:

  • NPC’S - Scripted to attack you.
  • A operating system - Like a windows operating system but less complex. It will include a Browser/A anti virus/ a virus that pops up randomly/ a shop
  • A game menu/lobby - A GUI that allows will have play/help/credits. When play is clicked it will teleport you from the lobby to the game.
  • A game intro - Intro/Loading screen for the game

Our game needs a full time Scripter who is willing to dedicate themselves. We expect at least some progress done per week. I would like this done by beginning August. You will receive your payment in the July Month. We will be releasing at the End of August.
More context will be given once you have been hired.

Images of the game


I will be giving 50% percent of the revenue and 25,000 Robux Minimum. Prices are negotiable.


Do the game visuals look nice so far?

  • Yes
  • Need’s more Items
  • No

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Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum
Twitter - @codename_eggs
Discord - AaronJ#9991 (Do tell me if you have sent me a friend request)

Terms and Condition

You must be 13 years or older to apply. If you are found to be under 13; this is a breach of the contract which will result in the contract being broken.

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What type of NPC’s? Shop NPC’s in the lobby? Or NPC’s that attack you?

What do you mean by operating system? Do you want us to create a fake operating system like Windows?

When you say game menu, do you mean a gui that says “Play” and when you click it you enter the game? Or are you talking about an inventory, shop, etc gui?

I think you need to be more specific on what you want the scripter to do.

Some more info on the game would be nice? Is it a game like Until Dawn where it’s just you and a story? Or is it a horror multiplayer game like Left 4 Dead?

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Thank you, I’m updating the application right now!



I’m interested! I’ve contacted you on Discord! JimMoud#0337

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