[CLOSED] First Person Viewmodel Animator [10k+ R$]


About Us

Zombie Stories is a cooperative first-person shooter by PANDEMIC. Players can choose a variety of stories to play, and must complete objectives within the stories to beat the game.

The Team
@nomnom7007 - Development Lead
@Heliad - Scripter/UI Designer
@MasterXertz - Builder
@davidweiss2 - Builder

You can see our progress here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2984072291/

About The Job

We are looking for a viewmodels animator to animate reload animations. Other sequences such as shooting and equipping do not need to be animated. We prefer you use blender and have past work to show!

If you have any other questions, need clarification, or need more details, we can discuss these things in DMs.


We will not offer any percentages for the game. Only one-time payments of robux. The amount of robux can be negotiated, but the minimum payment is 10k per reload animation.

Contact Us

Discord: nomnom7007#8333 (or message me on DevForum)
My time zone is CST.
Be sure to have past work to show!

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