[CLOSED!] Fizi Productions is hiring a 3DModeler/Builder! (8kR$)

About Us

Hello there! I am Josh, aka. ManuoLux, development manager and developer for Fizi Productions, a small upcoming game development team! Currently we are looking for experienced 3D modeler/builder!

About The Job

We are looking for a professional 3D modeler/builder with 2+years of experience in each field with Low poly style to join our team so we can finish our first game. The work doesn’t have to be done in one day, we are planning to finish the game in one month. Buildings are almost done but as I am builder working alone I need helping hand.

This is what you should know how to make without any mistakes

3D modeling; Mobs, such as animals and fictional creatures, environment props, such as rocks and trees for different maps and biomes, different types of armor

On building side you should know how to create buildings, decoration props and you should be creative with interiors, some of buildings needed are hut where player starts, which they will upgrade to a restaurant as they progress trough game, furniture and interior decoration is a wanted thing too

Build style of game ( some examples of finished buildings, there are more of course)


We are paying 8.000 R$ for whole task. Only way of payment is group funds. We have proof of group funds so you can be sure we will pay you. 8.000R$ is starting payment, when you finish task we might give you bonuses depending on your level of skill. Later on we will give you payments of game profit.

NOTE! : We are not paying over 8.000 as a start payment which means we wont accept you if you apply and say that you want instant 10.000 as payment. For bonuses, we will give them after games release which is one month, depending on your quality of work bonus can vary.

Contact Us :phone:

You can contact me on Discord: Josip_V#9247.
You must be 14+ or older to apply, remember 2+ years of experience in each field requested needed! Also you must have good portfolio!!

Thanks for reading!


interested! add me

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