[CLOSED] FlipOnRBLX I Composer Portfolio ^-^

FlipOnRBLX Semi-Experienced Professional Composer! ^-^

A Bit About Me

Hiya! The name’s Flip! I’m a composer and have been producing music for about 2 years both personally and professionally(Indie Studio). I’ve always felt like many games in Roblox out there need great original music and I’m here to supply! No matter how big or small the project is I’m sure to come through! Music is of course my passion and I strive to improve each day!

Examples Of My Music!

Now of course I have created a playlist of ‘Demo Tracks’. Tracks that I created a while ago or just recently! [It will be constantly updated!] It also includes Exclusive tracks which were created much more professionally!

Demo Tracks!

Demo Tracks

Here’s a jumpcut to my Exclusive Tracks

Exclusive Tracks

Exclusive Track 1

Exclusive Track 2

Exclusive Track 3

If anyone wants any EDM style music I can produce that too! ^-^

EDM Side of Me

Joyce Walker [AKA My EDM Side :p]


I’m a pretty generous guy. I’m not in it for the money, rather I’m more really in it for the experience and improvement. This was tough for me to decide since I never really thought I’d be pricing my tracks.I have also checked out other portfolios to get an idea of the price game. Again I am generous.
2,000 R$ For 1-3 Long Tracks[Add 250 R$ for an additional track]
750 R$ for Short Tracks
And the “Big Team Big Game” bundle!

If you require a large OST [Multiple Long and Short Tracks]
I will charge 3,500 R$-4,000 R$ [Depending on Complexity]

Now if you’re a much lower budgeted team and still want original music I will be flexible with prices as I believe every game should have original music however please don’t attempt to exploit my generosity

If you aren’t equipped with enough R$ we can also discuss payment in USD as well if you’d like

How To Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Joyce#2544
Hope to be working with some of you soon! ^-^

Currently not accepting any clients at the moment until further notice


Wow this is phenomenal, I’m really impressed and will definitely be reaching out!

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Very impressive work, bookmarked this post in case I’ll ever need any tracks for my game in the future.

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