Closed for good

No longer taking commissions or doing business via Roblox.

Any updates on when I’m next open for general commissions can be found on my twitter account @cinderdesigns.

Original post

About Me

Hello! I’m Cinder, I’ve been doing graphic design since 2013, although not consistently. I primarily focus on drawings, and vector related art rather than thumbnails since I currently do not render anymore.

I primarily use Adobe Photoshop CC, although I also utilize Adobe Indesign CC and Adobe Illustrator CC for certain things (typically logos, and things that need to be up-scaled greatly.)


I’m currently working on a portfolio website which should be finished in a week or so (or so I keep telling myself).
But here’s examples of some of the work I’ve done in the past;


Original Head Logo was done by Vyok and updated to higher quality by me.
Furcentral_logo Bloxxed_logo Trade_LogoCinPanelLogo

Vector Full Body


Vector Headshot

retroinfinity BluDragoon foxtrot Scarf_Panda

Misc. Art

Furry_PFPs Mullets_Emotes
Drawing of Cin done by SparksReactor PurpleSkies CCFSC_Flier Siggy

In The Blox issue 3 by In The Blox - Issuu

Welcome Packet

Including this here, in it’s own section, to show off some of the more “professional” work I’ve done.

Phone numbers and emails were whited out.


I’m available 7 days a week, response times may be slow on tuesdays and thursday.


Price Sheet:

Robux prices | Not open for Robux comms

Robux Prices(Group Funds only):
Portfolio Headshot - 3.5k/5k
Vector Headshot - 3.5k/5k
Vector Fullbody - 10k/20k
Social Media Banner - 15k/35k
Vector Emojis - 5k-10k (1k/ea. emote)
Custom Request - 10k-100k+*
*Custom request can be anything from a magazine design to a logo or just a thumbnail. These usually are more complex and are priced case by case.


You can contact me here on the devforums or via Discord: Cinder#0001

this post will be updated drastically as time goes on


Impressive work. :octopus:


You don’t have pricing for logos. Are they still on the playing field?

Agh, Forgot to add that since that isn’t something I’ve done typically, that’ll fall under Custom Request for the time being till I figure out a set price.

I love your work! I might commission you sooner or later.

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Bookmarked and definitely going to hire you in the future.

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Availability has been updated due to me getting a new job IRL, As of right now I’m expected to be working full time mon-fri, this may change, will keep the post updated to my availability.

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Somewhat got a system back! Commissions will be limited (2 Slot max at a time) for the time being till I move into a bigger place with a more stable internet connection.

Alright, fully open for commissions of all types again!

I’m also going to be updating the post soon with some more types of commissions revolving around Discord servers.

Custom designs for server rules/staff information and whatever else needed.

Discord examples


*Also my pricing methods are going to be changing soon to an hourly fee rather than flat rate.

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Amazing work!

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I can give Cinder some good rep!
He’s a really good guy, easy to work with, and is quite talented. :smiley:

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