[CLOSED FOR NOW] 2D Artist Looking for work!

2D Art

Hello, my name is Jim and I’m a young aspiring artist willing to improve my skills and work effiectively with everyone I can.

I am a 2D Artist with 6 months of careful experience and I do accept payments if you insist!! but I would still love to make your work for free.

I would do any logos, art or thumbnails.

DM me anytime and I’ll be on whenever on GMT Times!
Or contact me through discord! : jimmeh#9000

I reposted this and deleted the old one since I closed it by accident


Hey i’ve sent you a friend request via discord!! Im actullay very exited about this

Really fast reply, fast work and really good art i honestly recommend him to anyone.

Amazing job on my group logo, He was EXTREMELY fast. It only took him an hour to make it. And it was exactly the way I wanted it to be! Defo recommend ordering from him!

Extremely friendly and the work was amazing. Thanks again!

I really recomend him!! He is a great worker, he gets the job done, super kind and i recommend him!! 10/10

I contacted you on discord Coola#4727

One of the best, he is still new, but very nice and hardworking.

Woohooo! This dude is amazing!!