[Closed for now] Maps, Multiple Hangout Spaces

About The Game

Hi! I’m pa00, creator of the games Framed! and Legendary. I’m working on a side project in between games right now which allows any users on Roblox to upload their own maps. Right now the project is in its infancy, so I am looking for a few maps to start the game off with some high quality content.

You can see the game here: vibechat 💬 NOW OPEN! - Roblox

About The Job

I am looking to commission around 5 maps for the game.
These can come from 5 different builders, all from the same builder, or anything in between.
Due to the way maps are uploaded to the game, there are some requirements.

  • Terrain, MeshParts, Scripts, and Unions are not supported, so the building will primarily have to be in parts only. However, guis, seats, lights, sounds, etc are supported.
  • Maps must be under budget as determined by the Vibechat Map Tools plugin: Vibechat Map Tools - Roblox
    This will heavily weigh towards those with building styles that use less parts.

Other than that, I am just looking for cool hangout spaces that can accomodate around 20-30 players at a time, with various nooks for smaller groups of players to go off to to have more private chats. There is no overall theme to the game other than chatting with friends, but I’m especially looking for maps in these categories:

  • Cafes, clubs, resorts, houses, restaurants, etc.
  • Outdoor spaces (field, beach, forest, etc)
  • Showcase-like maps (balcony with nice view, etc)


I am expecting to pay around $50 USD per map. These are inherently on the small end of map sizes due to the player count and complexity budget restrictions, but I am looking for something that is pleasing to look at and feels like a premium space to hang out in. I prefer to pay in USD, but I can negotiate paying in equivalent Robux.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at ZeroIndex#9055.



I have sent a friend request on discord the name is BK.

I have sent a friend request to you, my Discord username and tag is Tr_sted#7149. It seems I have been a bit confused on what you are looking for but I hope to ask questions in DMs. Thanks!

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