[Closed, for now] W_armz's Builder Portfolio

About me
-I’ve been on Roblox for 4 years.
-Wanted to get more into Development November 2020.
-Can forge images into builds well if needed
-Speed building
-Can use meshes to optimize game performance, if required
-Though I can do some modeling, I’d prefer not to go down that path.

Some work references.

Commissions since Post
Sci-fi Exteriors

Some cell area?

1800s European

Simple Housing


Past stuff

If my prices seem too high, contact me for negotiation. Better chances than none.
Though I prefer mostly to do exterior builds, I can also do interior if asked.


  • Robux Only.

  • Unless it’s a running game, I don’t want percentage.

  • Price all varies depending on 3 factors: size, quality, complexity.
    -----Rough Estimate of Price-----

  • Simple/Small builds (500-4k)

  • Bigger/Complexed builds (7k-100k+)

  • Please have reference images with detail, size, and price ready upon request. I would like to get work and negotiation done as fast as possible to benefit both sides.



Contact me through the Developer Forum or Discord
Discord: Lord and Weeber Weebsus#5815
I’m on discord more than the Developer Forum, keep that in mind.
When I accept your friend request, you have 48 hours to reply.

  • Constant flow of progress work will be sent when task is taken