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Not bad. But I have a few suggestions for your second UI. Try to stick with one font and try to stay away from Serif fonts(Times New Roman, etc.). Try to follow good UI typography. Other than that, pretty good! :grin:

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Much appreciated! I will keep the tips in mind!

Your work is very good too.

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Update 12/5/19:

Made more appealing, added a few more examples of UI Design

Fixed a few other errors

Well you just used Roundify and thats all, soo more practice.

Obviously I plan to practice more, but it depends on the person…

No offense but anybody can make this UI with the Roundify plugin, and it’s extremely simple. (It might look worse because the sky background doesn’t mesh with a few of the uis) And, you need brighter colors. The colors are pretty bland. Best of luck! I think your prices are fair, but show some Web Design examples!

Thanks for input !I will do web design pics in a day or so

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this should be at the edge, or the top should be evened out with the right, and I think thisimage this be at the same height as the moderator panel

Much appreciated! I will be careful

Lmk when u add the web design, and one more tip, you have too many round objects!

Yeah, sorry. And also I will. Sorry!

No need to say sorry. Just simple advice!

Of course! Thank you though. I would love to have mroe of your thoughts!

i was thinking about making a little project, would that be fun for you to make ui for?

Sure! Add me up on discord! SirAlexanderHamilton#9044

I dont have access to discord at the moment, sorry. :confused:

Many people don’t. All good, I am waiting aswell, but if you want to PM me here, and tell me the project, I’d be glad to think about ideas.

The best way to learn is by trying to copy other peoples UI. Keep doing this and you will surely improve. Just remember not to take all the credit if you do. Maybe start off by trying to recreate UI of games that are on the front page? Good luck! :+1:t2:

Much appreciated, good idea.

Best of luck to you too