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Closed due to the following:

If you want real reasons:

Why would I pay for something that is already free, and in most cases done automatically? I’ll also mention mention that your ‘translations’ are highly skeptical. How do we know that you’re not using an external resource such as Google Translate?

If you’re looking for a job opportunity, translation is not the way to go. I can say this because you’ve been switching between professions very frequently, which can also raise more suspicion.

I’ll be honest with you, I do not know what to choice in role. Programming is way too hard, building? Not for me using these softwares. Modeling? Same as building. Translation? Not sure. UI Design? Good luck on me finding a software. So, as you can see I don’t have really so much to do.

And that why I try hardly to get professions, but unfortunately, I keep trying but always fail. That is why I switch a lot of professions, that because I have nothing to do in general.

Closed. See why:

Good bye now, I will maybe see you 5 years later…

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I don’t intend to discourage you by any means. You’re really good at a lot of what you do, but you can’t expect to make a profit unless your work is outstanding. I want you to go back, keep learning, and when you think you’re ready, try again.

Note that you don’t need to have one and only one profession. Personally I dabble in everything — Programming, Building, UI Designing, Animating — you name it. If you continue to work at it, someday you’ll become an amazing developer. Just don’t give up.

And with that, I’d like to apologize for my tone in my previous post. I didn’t and never will intend to make you feel down. I just felt baffled by the idea of translating.

Best regards,
dukzae :hidere:

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Okay. I acted dumb right now to be honest. And I just found out that I would love to build! A few posts just inspired me, and I feel that:

Why would I need a software when I already have one: Roblox Studio! Sometimes I am dumb.

What inspired me is so easy to do I am thinking:

If you go in Examples then lobby you can see what inspired me.

achdef :slight_smile: