(CLOSED) Free GFX Artist

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a free GFX artist. I specialize in GFX. I have been doing GFX on and off for a couple months.

Here are some screenshots of my work: Bob_TheBallerina's Free GFX's : - Album on Imgur (More to be added soon)


Since this is free work, The times depend, I’m on the devforums about 2hrs a day, and spend around 1 hour a day doing free requests.


Free :+1:



Love seeing people trying to expand their portfolio, however if you have a Discord it’d be nice to have it listed as that’s how I typically see people list their assets. Nonetheless I like your GFX! C:

Hello there,

Nicely done! Also nice that you do it for free. I usually do for robux (max 100). I think it’s funny!

Good luck with design!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

Hello! I would be interested in hiring you for a game icon/thumbnail! Here is my discord: Kamikaze_Kid #4133, and if you don’t discord, dm on dev forum

ment to reply to this topic sooner, are you still open

Yep! Otherwise I would have updated it to say ‘closed’. :slight_smile:

so you want me to privet message you on dev forum and tell you what i want for the gfx or contact you somehwere else

On devforum pms please, :slight_smile: 30 characters

i allready did a few days ago

Hi if a spot opens up could you please message me on DevForum. Or discord
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616