[Closed] Free GFX designer!

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as Free GFX designer. I am still learning how to make GFX so i had the idea to offer my services for free to gain experience! I also perfer to do simple ones and i would also like to do more SCP and police kind of GFX.

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I am available from monday to thursday. You can contact me any time, i might not respond imediatly though due to school and all

Totally free!! I will only be making them for free for about a day or two then i will stop making them, thanks for understanding

You can contact via discord Agentpig03#9887 or this post if you don’t have discord

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I am interested, but don’t have discord sadly.

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That was a quick responce, dont worry! You can tell me here! What would you like it of?

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Are you able to do one of my avatar?

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Sure! Thanks for the quick responce!!

No problem! I was browsing, and saw free, and I was like 0_0. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to request :slight_smile:

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I am really interested can you reply to this?

Hello, I’ve sent the FR. I’ll be DM’ing by the time I wake up. Cheers.

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Sure! I’m gald you replied!! It might take a while, because i got more request than i thought and forgot to closed it, lol.

Thanks!! I think i have accepted, please message me if it’s you and not some starnger!

Can you make me gfx for any pet thanks!

Like a dog, cat? Adopt me pet? Or any specific type of animal requests?

Is this still open? If so contact me on Discord:

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I’m sorry but i have closed it, i already have a lot of request and did not expect that amount of requests. But if i ever do open it again i will message you c:

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Thank you for asking I love to cats! so i chose cat! Not adopt me just normal style! Thanks!

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