[Closed] Free scripter

Hello, hope you are doing well!

I’m currently trying to improve my skills and build a nice portfolio, for that reason I’m working for free. I don’t wanna do anything long-term or stuff. I’ll just do some small assets, for ONLY CAFÉS OR RESTAURANTS!

I do stuff, like daily rewards, I can script a ordering system, I can do a quest system to keep your users in the game, I do some small nice props.

(Donations are apprechated)

Please just send me a friend request on Discord and there we can disguss everything.

Thanks for Reading!


I like the fact that you are working for free. I don’t like it when people don’t have assets to show and charge for their work, but it’s very humble of you to start out working for free.


Yea, don’t like it either, but I just need something for my portfolio. At first I just wanted to make some stuff for my own, but I decided to work for free so I can at least make some people happy.

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