(CLOSED) Freelance Chiptune/Electronic/Ambient Composer for Games

CLOSED AGAIN, I’m full for projects. I will open again when I have room to work on new music projects again!

About Me

Hello, I’m Quotation, also known as AquaDoesStuff and ElectricPuppy off Roblox. I’m a music composer who is best at electronic music, although I can do many different genres. I’ve been making music since 2015. I have composed the soundtrack for Cube Cavern Reborn as well as a few other projects (nothing to note as most are not public yet).


You can view some of my best tracks here: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
IMPORTANT: read the description of the playlist for how I’ve organized the styles! if you’re looking for a particular style of music, take a look at that
this playlist is a compilation of the different styles of tracks I’ve made and tracks I composed for various projects. Almost all of them are completely original, with a select few being remixes (especially the Cube Cavern Reborn soundtrack)


You may contact me at any time, but I’m only able to work over weekends, and rarely during the week after school.


Since I’m only 15, I am only able to be paid in robux.
PRICE: 100 robux base price, times 100 robux per minute approximately (base price can increase depending on complexity of track)
I know it’s cheap, but this is mainly a hobby and I don’t want to charge a lot for my music!
I prefer being paid through group funds. I can do one time payment once all tracks are done, monthly payment, or payment per track.


You can contact me here on the dev forum, at https://twitter.com/AquaDoesTweets or via Discord (AquaDoesStuff#2006)

Thanks for taking the time to read! Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Stunning. Will have to keep you in mind. :sweat_smile:

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Really good composer, and really good price for that, ordered two tracks, main menu and a background track. My fans like the music, and I like it too.
5/5 stars

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What daw do you use? FL? I use logic personally

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@SyntaxQuotation I want to work with you.
I sent you a friend request on discord :slight_smile:

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I use FL Studio for my music! Though I use a few extra plugins for some things

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