(CLOSED) Free/Low Cost UI designer for hire! (UI Packs)

About Me

Hello, my name is Stoduis. I will offer you my service for little to no price! I simply want to be in some project or make a UI pack so that I can add more examples for my portfolio! Also, I am NOT looking for any long term projects! (Such as joining a dev team)


Picture Examples/UI Packs

Example1yes Example2yes


Video Examples (Look at these if you need me to make the UI for you in Roblox Studio!)

Shop/Twitter Codes GUI w/ tweening example: - YouTube

You Got GUI w/ tweening: - YouTube

Another Twitter Code GUI w/ tweening: - YouTube


Because of the virus, I can work about 5 hours daily, and a little bit more than that on weekends. I will not be able to work in the morning (I will finish at about 12 or 1 pm EST) And of course my time zone is EST. I can make the scripts for you if you want, but if you know what you are doing I’ll just leave you to it!

What I do

This is what I do: I first make a little sketch and you can approve of it, if you don’t like it then I will remake it. Once you approve, I will either send UI the pack to you OR I will make the GUI in Roblox studio, and I will add tweening if needed. If you want too, I can also do little extra things such as having a on click sound effect, but remember, I may not be able to do everything you ask for! Also, if I think the project is too challenging I may leave. (I may just only make the UI pack and not script if I choose too!)


I do not require any sort of payment, but if you want to leave a tip or something I would appreciate it!


You can contact me on here but I would prefer if you contacted my discord, and my tag is Stodius#1593. Also, feedback is appreciated!

(NOTE: it will be much easier if I can make a UI pack for you, it may take up to a hour and a half!)

Spots taken: 2/2 (Remember that once I finish with something a new spot will open up!) (All of them are taken!)


Hi, is it okay if I can… like… reserve you? I’d like to take your services for a game I’m making, but since it’s still in the process of being built, I can’t exactly ask to hire you right now. Is it okay if I can ask to hire you later (in about a week or so)?

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Yeah, of course! (30charssssss)

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Hiya! Your work looks outstanding, and I am interested in hiring you for a very small project. Please friend request me on discord if you are interested. My tag is Spork#1400.


Hello! You’re work is tremendous, I have friend requested you at Jurou#4173 . I hope to have you helping in my project!


Hey there, I no longer have that as my tag, please add me on StodiusDev#3126, thanks!

Sent an fr, I’ll see you on discord.

I love your work! Keep it up and I hope you got commissions!

Yeah you are going into my portfolio