[CLOSED] Futuristic Developements Hiring Builder

Futuristic Developements Hiring Builder

Salutations, developers. Futuristic Developements is currently looking for a long term builder to assist them on their upcoming project.

About The Job

You will be assigned to a group/team in which you will be given tasks to complete. You are required to complete said tasks in a timely manner.


Owner - @Spixls
Project Manger - @xShawnie
Assistant Project Manager - @pehgin123


Payment will be per task and can range from 100k+. Please do not expect to show up and do nothing then expect to be paid. Sorry to burst your bubble, not how it works. Do work and you shall be paid for said work.


To contact us, you may message us on Roblox or Discord. Discord is preferred as we are more active there.

xShawnie - Shawnie#0001
Pehgin - Pehgin123#1796
Spixls- Spixls#0583

:link: || Futuristic Developments - Roblox


We are no longer accepting applicants. Thank you all who have applied.

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