[CLOSED] Game for Sale!


Hello! I’m selling a game I made a while back that I never got the chance to use. This is a game called, “Endurance”. Endurance is a game where players compete in a competition each round, and the winner sends 2 players to the elimination temple. In the elimination temple, players play a game of Fire, Water, Wood, (Rock, Paper, Scissors.) and the loser is eliminated. This goes til the end where the final 2 players play a game of fire, water, wood to crown the winner of the game. This was made as a hosted game.


Lobby Pictures


Playing Area Pictures

End2 Pic1

Competition Pictures


Elimination Temple Pictures



This has no set price, it’s going to be open for bids. The auction closes Wednesday night (9:00PM EST). If you’d like to offer, message me by a contact option bellow. The starting price of the build is listed at 1,000R$ assuming the prices will climb up fairly higher like my previous auction.

Current Bid: 1000 R$


You can place a bid by:



Another great build.
Is it scripted?
If so could you provide a link so we could test the game?


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It is a hosted game meaning it isn’t – although the challenges are. There’s not much to see in the game because it’ll just spawn you in the lobby but if it is requested I’ll provide the link.

Please do.

As it is always better to see builds in-game then through pictures.

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@CAP7A1N https://www.roblox.com/games/4072363783/Endurance

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Oh flauxn you were selling this when I joined you earlier. So it is a type of Rock Paper Scissors game that’s pretty cool. I think 1k is to low for a good scripted game I say it should atleast be 6k keep up the great work!


Still for sale, don’t hesitate to bid. It’s in good shape and can be used .

Everything is scripted right? If so, I can offer maybe 1500 for it., however I would like to test it as well, so if you could add my discord that would be good.

Mas.#7470 (with the dot) and Cap M
1500 my bid.


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Everything is not scripted, it’s a hosted game.

What is the current bid at? On the post rn its just says -/-

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This looks great and i remember liking watching the show that this is based on, if i wasn’t busy with school i’d love to buy this and try to make it fully scripted and add object show characters to it, good luck to you on finding a good bidder that will make good use of these assets.

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1,000 R$ is the current bid, forget to update it!

Thank you so much! I’m a fan of it too and I’m glad you like it!

No one offered so if anyone wants it for 1k let me know :sleepy:

I’m interested in purchasing some of the assets.

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It looks very good and clear! Nice job building it!

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