[CLOSED] GFX Artist needed for Basketball genre

Who am I?
Hello. My name is ThatBoomBoxHere and I am the owner of a basketball game named Greenlight Basketball. We’re a new upcoming basketball game with around 200 members in the Discord server and about 100 members in the group.

About The Job
I’m looking for a GFX Artist that is able to make high quality GFX. We would need a game icon and 1 thumbnail.

I’ll pay you in group funds (group payout). I’ll pay you 100 through 300 robux.

Contact Me
You can contact me via Discord at boomy#1605

Please note when contacting me you will need to show past work to see what you are able to make.

Thank you for reading this post. I’m hoping to meet you soon if you interested in applying!

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Hi I can work for you. I’m a good Builder.

He needs a GFX artist for his upcoming game, not a builder.

I feel like 100 to 300 Robux is a very low price, and you’ll attract very little artist that would be interested in your work, I would recommend you Increase the Price range that would attract more artists and a better quality of art will be produced. Also please elaborate on how much for each, for example, How much you will pay for 1 logo and 1 thumbnail or is it 100 - 300 for everything.

My fault for not clarifying everything. I also understand that it’s a low price but I’m low on robux currently.

This user Glock!#0001 / @GlockEllerbee has attempted to scam me. Please do not fall for his scams with his cutoff GFX. Just reverse image search it and you will find proof that it is cutoff / stolen.

I know but in case he need a builder he can ask me.

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