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Hola! My name’s Matt, known on the platform as @MattX356. I’m a Christmas fanatic and small graphic designer on Roblox, hoping to expand my work to a variety of different games! I’d say my work is mainly focused on the cartoony style. So if that’s what you’re looking for, think about commissioning me!

Check out some of my work! I’ll continue to update this weekly
Watermark changed from “Matthew” to "MattX356"


Personal work

The Cube

Little Dreamies Daycare

Little Dreamies Daycare

Coast Grill Older

Keyon Air: Flight Simulator

Ski Resort Older

Stepping Stones Older


Terror in Bikini Bottom


Personal and Upstate Prison

Slapping Simulator

Little Dreamies Daycare

Frxshy Graphics

Clothing Mania and Castaway Resort


Terror in Bikini Bottom

Open on weekends and sometimes weekdays. Whenever the title says “Open” you may contact me! GFXs take 2-4 days, depending on my schedule.

Currently only taking group funds!
GFXs range in price depending on the complexity.
Please pay after the order is finished.
Thumbnails: 1500
Ads: 750
Icons: 950

The best and fastest way to contact me is via discord, but I do check Twitter regularly.
Discord: Matt!#9801
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Matthew19642338 @Matthew19642338

Got any questions? Feel free to ask them down below!

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Those looks amazing! Hope you get alot of customers!


Great work, however I recommend using other types of lighting such as global illumination, I also suggest putting a filter on the character layers to fit the image manipulation better, otherwise good work.

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Great work! I love the lighting and amount of detail.


Thanks for the response! I very much appreciate it! :smiley:

Love the work! It’s nice, detailed, gotta hire this guy! I wish I could, but I have somebody already and my limit is 200.


Aww that’s alright! I do appreciate the feedback!


Thank you! Appreciate the feedback very much! :slightly_smiling_face:


These look really good! I’ll be in contact soon for some GFX for my group! :smiley:

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Appreciate it! My DMs are always open! :grin:

Do you make group icons? If so, how much? All I’m seeing prices for are thumbnails and ads so that’s why I’m curious.

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No one has ever order an icon before, so I’ve never technically done one. But I’d expect them to look like smaller thumbnails with a designated text. Pricing wise, I’d say 850. Priced between an ad and a thumbnail.

Open for a bit! Please remember that orders most likely will take 2+ days.

Great work Matt! I love all of your examples, keep up the great work! :smiley:

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make me gee eff ex now :slight_smile: ecksd de

Nah, your art is at a toooo good, you don’t need me

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Recent advertisement! Commissions are open! :smile:

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Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Open for the weekend! Dm’s are open.