[Closed] GFX Designer for Designer Mania

The Project:

Designer Mania is a project by @MonkrysGhost and I, which is a remake of his 2014 release of the same title. The project is a fast paced dress-up competition game that gives users a theme to design to and then vote on each others designs.

Link to project: Designer Mania

About The Job:

We are working on a major rehaul to the current look and design of the project itself and want to include our graphics (ex: Thumbnails, Game Icons, Badges, Gamepasses) as well! We’re looking to contract someone who has experience in doing GFX for games and working with teams.

We do request that, when applying/contacting, that you have good communication skills and can self-manage the work flow. We also would prefer if you had an EST time-zone but this is not needed.

- This position would also mean in the future we would need more work for things like other major updates or seasonal updates.


We would love to talk out this contract payment with those interested. The payment can be negotiated and can be either USD or R$ depending on which is preferred.


Please contact me either directly on the Developer Forum, via Discord Dalex#001, or via Twitter DM @DeveloperDalex. When applying, provide your portfolio and any information that helps your application.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to being in contact with y’all!
- Designer Mania Development Team

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