[CLOSED] GoBounce Trampoline Park is hiring a Low Poly Terrain Designer

I am vistrvs, Chairman of GoBounce Trampoline Park.
I am currently searching for a Low Poly Terrain Designer, more details will be stated below.

About Us

GoBounce Trampoline Park was founded by vistrvs on November 8, 2020. In GoBounce, we’re taking you to a world of joy and leisure where everyone gets a chance to stay fit and healthy. With more than 100 staff, we express exuberance, teamwork, and high communication. Get your skates on and prepare to join the fastest growing trampoline park group on ROBLOX platform.

Project Design

I will need you to create a low poly mountain, low poly beach, and a low poly terrain for GoBounce V2. Make sure that you can create a low poly map design for hotel/cafe/etc. If you’re interested, you could shot me a DM for examples.


This is a long term offer, meaning that I have future orders too.
I will pay you 150 Robux to create all of the things I’ve mentioned above.
You have 3 weeks to finish the project, take your time, and do not rush.

Note: You must finish my order first, after that I will pay you.

Side Notes

-You must be 13 years old or older to apply.
-You must have a Portfolio.
-You must have examples of your works.

Contact Me

Contact me via Discord, vistrvs#4522

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:

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