[CLOSED] Golden Studios is Hiring!


About Us


Hello there! We are Golden Studios. We’re recruiting a scripter, Low-Poly modeler, and a GUI designer who are willing to join our team and work on our next simulator game!

Our Team

@AlexanderPraetorian - Developer
@empty - Scripter
@Dev_Prisma - GUI designer
@redboss633 - modeler

About The Job

[Payment info included]


We are looking for an advanced scripter with preferably 1-2+ years of experience on the platform.
You need to be able to:

  • Script a working simulator system with data saving, currency, shops, pets, and rebirths, etc.
  • Script a gamepass / Dev product system.
  • Script the GUI system that will be made by the UI artist.
  • Script a twitter code system

Payment: 35 - 45K [Negotiable].

Low-Poly Modeler CLOSED

We are looking for a low-poly modeler capable of designing the following things:

  • An entire medium-sized map
  • Multiple shops and buildings
  • Portals
  • Rocks and Trees
  • Other small scenery items

Payment: 15 - 30K [Negotiable].

GUI designer CLOSED

We are looking for a GUI designer capable of making the following things:

  • A complete item shop, gamepass shop, dev product shop, and pet shop
  • Rebirth GUI
  • Settings GUI
  • Menu GUI
  • Twitter Codes GUI
  • and some other small things

Payment: 15 - 30K [Negotiable].


  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Must have a discord account
  • Developer Forum Portfolio showcasing your work
  • Past experience

How to apply

You can contact me via my Discord account: Gold#0607.
Please send me your Portfolio.

Thank you for reading.


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