[CLOSED] Graphic Designer Needed for Steakiéz

Steakiéz Graphic Designer Recruitment

About Us

Hey there! My name is frxnvch, the President & CEO of a new restaurant group, Steakiéz. As we are currently trying to build our business, we would love a graphics designer to assist us with a fun, high-quality, and appealing logo that would attract more users to our group.

The Team
@frxnvch - Head of Development
@coney133 - Exterior Builder

Positions Available
As we are still building our business, we want our logos and thumbnails to be appealing, attractive, and not too overcrowded. We would also like something that represents our business, a Steakhouse restaurant.

  • Graphic Designer - Logo | In charge of creating an artistic and appealing logo for the group itself.
  • Graphic Designer - Thumbnails | In charge of creating a simplistic yet attractive logo for the thumbnail of some of our games. THIS POSITION WILL NOT BE USED UNTIL MID-MARCH!


I’m well aware that everyone would like to receive payment as the result of their work, and I totally agree with that. Payment is negotiable and will be discussed privately with the user itself. I’m open to only robux forms of payment, and it may be paid through group funds or a Roblox Gift Card.

Contact Us

If you are wishing to apply, please make sure to have some previous designs for me to see, and a portfolio will be much better. PLEASE ensure you provide significant evidence that you own the previous copies of your graphic design work.
You are more than welcome to contact me by messaging me through Roblox PMs. Preferably, you may message me through Discord. My Discord is: jackaboi!#0001. Just go ahead and drop me a friend request to do so!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see some of you apply! :slight_smile:

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