[CLOSED] [%] Gravity Gunner is looking for a Community Manager/Social Media Advertiser

Thank you for your applications, we have found who we wanted

About Us

Hi there! We are Halogen Studios. For the past few months we have been developing Gravity Gunners, a space-themed 3rd person shooter where players can walk on walls.

The Team
@CronoTriggred - Owner/Scripter
@SOHO12 - Map Maker
@6DBeing - Modeler

Currently the game is ~80% complete and we are hoping to launch in a month or so.

About The Job

We are looking for someone to handle community management and social media in order to advertise the game for our alpha launch. You would be responsible for posting on twitter as well as interacting with the community.


  • Over 13
  • Good English Skills


We are paying 5% of our game’s revenue as this incentives you to grow the community as much as possible. Additionally, we are prepared to provide a bonus after a certain threshold of concurrent players is reached. All of this is negotiable.

How to Apply

Please do not DM me, you will be ignored.
Join our discord server: Discord

Go to the #apply-for-community-manager channel and tell us the following:

  • Brief introduction to yourself
  • Any past community-management experience
  • Any other questions you have

NOTE: The discord verification bot is broken so you can just go to the channel without verifying.

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