[CLOSED] Gun Scripter

About Us

Hello, we are a single game-based SCP roleplay community. We focus all of our attention on our single game, Site Roleplay, which has garnered a decent concurrent player count and large community. We are still relatively new, and are looking to add more members to our team, especially in the field of scripting.

The Team
@Visceraled - Lead Game Designer, Builder, Modeler
@AdministratedAdmin - Scripter, UI
@XahnChronoktus - Secondary Builder

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter to work for a medium to long term who is able to create and modify medium to highly advanced gun scripts.

The gun scripts should behave something like this:

  • Allow the player to switch between ADS (scrolling in and right clicking) and 3rd person (scrolling out, right clicking makes crosshair smaller/more accurate.)
  • These are for modern weapons, so should behave like real-life firearms, with bullet ejection, reload animations, muzzle effects, etc.
  • They must be R15 and work with FilteringEnabled.
  • Guns must have different damage values for different body parts.
    ^ If using touched event, check for up to 5 part’s parent because of game morphs.
  • If you can animate, great! if not, make sure it’s easy to add animations for reloading & aiming.
  • Guns must be configurable so they don’t damage people on certain teams. (anti-teamkill)
  • Guns have to be able to bypass the anti-teamkill by checking if the humanoid being shot has a certain boolvalue in it’s character or humanoid.
  • Remote events about damaging humanoids must be exploit-proof/secure.
  • A UI showing how much ammo is left.
  • Guns should have attachments, like a flashlight, laser, etc. which are activated by pressing F, L, etc.
  • Guns should be as mobile compatible as possible.

You are expected to work alongside our current developers in creating the gun scripts, so communication is key. We almost exclusively use discord, however are willing to branch out depending on your expertise and skills.


We are paying 30k R$ minimum for these scripts. R$ is our preferred method of payment. We will not force you to sign a contract, but to put to rest fears of scamming we will pay the 30k+ R$ over time, making deposits equal to the progress made.

Contact Us

Contact me via Discord: Visc#9998,
or Twitter: https://twitter.com/VisceraledSCPF

Looking forward to working with you.


I am intrested.
I dont have a portfolio because im currently working on one.

I have lots of experience with these types of scripts. I have done multiple projects which include RayCasting, Pathfinding and much more complex stuff.

I want to tell you more so i request you to contact me on discord - Pyrospacepride#6684
Do know that the project will take some time.
Ive worked with a person before @MILKYSHIO And have completed the project properly.
I am eager to get this job for experience and i know i can script what you want.

regards, @pirospacepride1

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