[CLOSED] Haunt Group looking for Scripter/Animator to help w/ Auto-Scares!

About Us

:drop_of_blood: Greetings from the Dark Realm! :vampire:
I am iFang_z, and I am the founder of Hell’s Domain Haunted Attraction. We are an up and coming Haunt Group on Roblox! You could compare what we do to that of Halloween Horror Nights! Our theme park is a “Scream Park”, with Haunted Houses and Scare Zones as the main attractions. We’re looking for an individual(s) who are passionate about scaring like us, and are looking for a project to work on!

About The Job

If you know of any good Halloween event, then you’re probably aware the most important part of haunted attractions are the scare actors and timing! Our main vision is to have “Automated Scare Actors” inside our attractions to make ensure each guest get the same experience as another! In order to do this, we’d need help with animations, as well as a method of having an NPC play that animation when a player gets to a certain point within the attraction. The animation would most likely play along with a sound effect and flashing lights.

(All though we are looking for a Scripter and an Animator, it would be preferable if we could find one individual who is talented with both skills.)

  • Our Haunted Walkthrough attractions would need anywhere from 12-20 custom animations needed, some jump scares could be shared amongst NPCs.
    *Our Scare Zone attractions would need anywhere from 5-8 custom animations, however most will be shared among many NPCs.
    Our Opening Date is expected to be September 25th


Seeing that we don’t have many group funds to distribute at the moment, the payment method would be via PayPal. Payment would be done per attraction worked on. Pricing can be negotiated.

Contact Us

You can reach me at Rainbow_Rolo#5116 on Discord.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

We’re ready…are you? :skull:

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