(CLOSED) HeadButt World Looking for GUI designer (80k)

Hello we’re Skoobi Games we’re looking to release our new game HeadButt World which is the successor of our previous hit of an game HeadButt Simulator we are looking to temporarily hire a UI designer and Texture designer if you’re dependable an positions for long term including payments and bonuses can be included.

The Team

Our Current team consists of 2 people at the moment. Do not let you discourage you from the fact we contain tonnes of development experience which can be seen VIA our roblox profiles.

@SkoobiDoobiDoo - Owner / Lead Programmer
@LuciferVonhart - Leader Builder / Modeller

About The Job

We’re looking for a Professional UI designers who can create sleek and clean UI design for our new game we’re looking to release in a few days. WE RECOMMEND looking at our game style provided below before applying.

Our Game Style

Requirements for applying

  • Outside software which can design professional game quality UI design.

  • Ability to communicate daily with updates.

  • Must be able to finish an entire game UI design within 2-3 days.


We are looking to pay through group funds, our current budget 80k for a full game UI we will also pay extra for finishing within the time frame (2-3 days)

Contact Us

When joining our main Communications please send your portfolio to either @SkoobiDoobiDoo or @LuciferVonhart we will reply whenever we see your message.

@Discord - Ethann#4988 (@SkoobiDoobiDoo)
@Discord - HoodlessDev#9548 (@lucifervonhart)
@DiscordCommunicationServer - Discord

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