[CLOSED] High Quality GFX

Hello reader!

My name is Alex, I'm 17 and here to help you out when it comes to making catchy assets that will make your game stand out from the rest. Over the course of a few months I've developed my own style of making these. With that being said, if your game needs anything gloomy or sinister looking, you came to the right place! Of course I can adapt to any style that you need.

Who am I?

I'm your average Roblox player. In-fact, I've been on this platform since, well, probably a whole decade now. However, I've gotten into the development side of things only as of this year, what a time to be alive ay?

Now, yeah being apart of the Roblox community is important but what about my GFX skills? Where do they come from? Well well well, I’m glad you asked! you probably didn’t. I’ve actually been practicing a lot of skills in the past few years. GFX is one of them. I’m quite familiar with Blender, Photoshop, just your conventional programs that are used on the daily.

Why should you pick me?

If you haven't asked yourself this question by now, you were either distracted by my "flashy" topic bars, or you just... didn't... ask yourself that...

In any case, here’s some reasons why I’m perfectly fit for the job:

  • I’m friendly with everyone, providing you with a satisfying interaction, as if you’re talking to a friend.

  • I put a lot of effort into my work, sitting for hours if I need to on a project

  • I will always make sure you are up to speed with my workflow, seeing what I add and remove so I can confirm you are indeed approving of me going a certain route

  • I make sure to be very creative with any piece; drifting away from the conventional and typical ways thumbnails are usually done in nowadays Roblox games

  • Very negotiable prices!

Hopefully that gave you an idea of how I work and what you can expect.

My Portfolios

Just a quick note: just cause you don't see something in these albums does not mean that I cannot do it. In most cases I either didn't get commissioned for it, or I simply didn't invest time into making it.

My Main Portfolio

Imgur Link

Side/Personal Portfolio

Imgur Link

Okay but, how much do I charge?

I only accept PayPal, starting prices for ads or icons are 5$ whilst thumbnails usually start at 10$ and above. At the end of the day, the more complex the piece the more it'll cost ya. I think that's common sense to say the least.

Final words

Phew, we finally made it to the last piece of the puzzle. The only two ways you can contact me are here through the devforum or by adding me on discord: Dysanaii#7376.

Happy to work with all of you! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I don’t really find this high quality. Maybe the resolution, the GFX is very basic.

When you get to the bottom of the main portfolio you get to see how far i’ve came. Honestly, thats as the highest quality (not resolution but product quality) as I can provide at the very moment. When you check my other portfolio i guess it’s just a dump ground for some practice rounds, you can also see how far I go to make detailed stuff. :slight_smile:

It would be smarter to go higher quality to lower quality…

lmao, im either really missing the point here or you’re just spitting random stuff

Do you think someone would want to look at your portfolio from the lower quality to higher quality? Right as they open it, boom, closed. That’s because of the quality. They’d rather see higher quality and not close the tab right away and then scroll down to lower.

in that case it makes sense, thanks for elaborating. Will rearrange it ^^

also, would recommend a DevForum portfolio, instead of imgur, I would assume you’re possibly trying to get the external links badge, maybe.

A DevForum portfolio in my opinion looks a) more professional and b) more options to do with it & easy to organize.

I’ve had that in the past, and no im not going for the badge im barely active here to begin with. If people feel lazy to click on a link then thats on them. I dont feel like doing the same thing on both ends and updating two platforms at the same time when I can only have one.

I understand, but it’s not that complicated to open another tab. Also, if you’re barely active, why are you doing this? Just curious

I don’t mean to offend you but why do you include the statue and various unrelated-to-roblox edits?

I dont need to be active to spread my lil work around, i dont think at least shrug. And no it’s not complicated, i just prefer it this way.

Your choice completely, I have nothing wrong with opening imgur, I was just saying it was easier to organize on DevForum and you have more options (text options, etc)

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not offended, first time being asked this, why not though? Kinda can show that I can do other things as well, ive been asked to make other stuff before regardless of Roblox so why not show that side too.

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Are these other things in your portfolio being commissioned by a person from Roblox or are you just placing these in from other places excluding Roblox?

The stuff from my personal portfolio is what i’ve made in my spare time. It’s use case is only to show some more skill or however you wanna word it. Why does it matter anyway? lmao

You should show stuff that you’ve made for Roblox, not other platforms, but alright