[CLOSED/HIRED] Hiring 3D Modeler


Looking to contract a 3D modeler who can deliver parts at a reasonable pace (looking to ship this project within the next 2-4 weeks). Total number of parts will fall somewhere between 125 and 150 unique items. Reference images for the parts will be supplied by myself once you are accepted for the job. Game genre is Sci-Fi. Discord will be the primary communication channel, and you will be asked to share progress and accept feedback.

We can discuss specifics, but you will be paid per part (upon satisfactory completion and delivery) as well as a 10% recurring payment from group funds. Payment can be either Robux or USD (the later preferred).

If interested, shoot me a DM on Discord (coleifornia#4530). Include any past projects you have worked on, as well as images of what content you have developed (if you’re able to share) and your availability.


I am interested with this. But I have a question, after I sent models will I get paid immediately.


Yes. After I have received each part, you will receive your payment per the method you request.


Alright, add me astrovibes#8096


Don’t reccomend to work for him, he pays very low for each part.


I offered you 265 USD (or 75,000 R) for 125-150 small, low poly, meshes (comparable in scale to weapon attachments [Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, Vertical Grip]). I told you what I was looking for only to be met with cursing and foul language. Please try to act more professionally if you’re looking for serious work in the future.

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