[CLOSED] Hiring 2 Full-Time Scripters for Roblox High School 2

Hey! :wave:

We’re Cinder Studio, and we’re looking to hire two full-time scripters to join us in working on Roblox High School 2, our hit social roleplaying game which has received over 250M+ visits since launching in December 2018.

About the Job

Right now we’re working on a huuuuuge update to Roblox High School 2. We want to totally overhaul the game, take it to brand new heights, and create lots of new features and content that players have been requesting for a long time.

I’m currently the lone full-time scripter on the team, so it’s been tough to meet those huge demands on my own - I wanna bring new people onto the team so that we can work together to deliver an amazing experience to players this summer, as well as continue with post-launch updates so that they’ll always have something exciting to look forward to for months and years to come.

I’ve already finished much of the core scripting framework that will be used in this update (such as data storage systems, OOP interface framework, etc.), so right now it’s mostly a matter of getting all the features and content ready to go, and then continuing with further updates afterwards.

There’s two positions open, each one being more focused on some different aspects of the game:

🎮 Position #1: Gameplay Scripter

Your primary focus will be working on new minigames (plus some new backend systems for the minigames), new tools (such as transportation/social gear items), and other interactive content that players will be face-to-face with.

These are some important skills to have specifically for this position:

  • Familiarity with working with Roblox physics/3D space
  • Solid understanding of client-server networking, since you’ll be handling plenty of player-to-player interactions
  • Working with player input and supporting PC/mobile/gamepad controls equally
  • Knowledge about UI development, for scripting minigame interfaces

🖥️ Position #2: Features/Interface Scripting

Your primary focus will be on scripting the various game features, backend systems, and the interfaces that will allow players to interact with the server’s systems.

Some important skills to have for this position are:

  • Strong familiarity with UI development, as the game has a lot of interfaces; knowledge about working with UI Layout objects is a must
  • Ability to create modular backend systems that are easy to work with in the future
  • Strong general knowledge of Roblox APIs

More Details:

These are remote/work from home positions, and you will be working 40 hours a week. How you organize those hours is up to you - you can create your own schedule that works best for you and allows you to do your best work.

You will be paid 1,500,000 Robux (equivalent to $5,250 USD/month or $63,000 USD annually) via group funds after the end of each month.

While each position is more focused on a specific aspect of the game, the more general scripting/development knowledge you have, the better!

Since we’ll be working very closely together, strong communication and having a good team bond is a must. We’re a very laid back team and we’ve got an amazing community around the game, so be sure to hang out and have fun along the way! The players are at the center of everything, so I’m looking for folks who truly care about crafting an experience that will put smiles on their faces :slight_smile:

How to Apply:

You must be 18 years or older to apply. You’ll be given a contract to sign if you’re accepted.

If you’re interested, please apply via devforum DM (@Cindering) and include the following info:

  • Examples of playable game(s) you’ve worked on
  • Samples of your code
  • Why you’d like to join the team
  • Specify which position you would prefer (or if you’re fine with either position)

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or message me.

Thank you!


This isn’t a commission - this is a full time “job”. It’s continual each month, and thus a contract should and is required for this.

A contract is helpful to have for long-time projects such as this due to that fact that they legally obligate both parties to fulfill their terms - you get paid, and the other party guarantees the completion of your work.


Amazing opportunity, i’m currently 16 studying game design and development at college with a focus on game design (go figure) and computer science/gameplay programming with a focus, focus on back-end programming.

I work in Unity and mainly Unreal and with many many concerned faces, roblox.
Is it strictly 18+ or are there any exceptions to that rule?

Again great opportunity and wish all those who apply the very best of luck.
*Side bar: College is part time

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I have a question, Is there any Modeling Spots open?

I assume it’s 18+ for legal reasons with contracts and all.


As it seems to be a salaried job, yes it would require you to be 18+ to play it safe.

They do, RHS2 has a brilliant OST by Director1406.

I just mean a new one. Heh. The soundtrack is brilliant, never saying it’s not.

I’d love to apply for this, as I feel it’s a great opportunity for me! Yet unfortunately, I am not over 18 years of age. Seems like a really fun job, especially for someone who loves Roblox Development!
These opportunities don’t come often, so I urge anyone with expertise to apply! Good luck to everyone!

Hey! I am not a scripter, but would you happen to be looking for any Low-Poly builders? I specialize in this, and your game’s theme is Low-Poly!

If your ever looking for a clothing designer make sure to check my portfolio! https://1drv.ms/p/s!AuEqXmUfiWLrgXN3lBKsdPOZJ-X9

I’m not sure I’ll get in as I’m sure there are many others applying for this amazing opportunity. I applied though, I can only hope.

That is soo much Robux and money as valued just for a month. I need to start practising my Lua skills![

Both positions have been filled now! Thank you to everyone who applied.


Good luck to you and the Scripters

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