[closed] hiring 2d artist || 350 robux

Looking for 2D Artists to draw a profile picture.

100-500 robux.

If you are a 3D GFX Artist feel free to check out my post earlier today: [CLOSED] Looking for a character graphic design artist

DM me on the DevForum, on twitter, or Discord (Aztech#0774)


Not for being rude you can’t get a good pfp for 350, usually i do it for 1k

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I have seen lots of portfolio’s I like for 100-500 robux :confused:

And why you don’t order from It?

Why 1,000R$ for that? Like do per GFX 500 robux not 1,000R$

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I already done but a lot people said “increase your price”

Like, its a picture foto not a game thumbnail with alot of details.

For you 1k robux are a lot? A lot people do pfp for 2,500 of the same style, and thumbnail for 6k

Maybe more detailed but same style

There are many, I wanted to see if there was someone with a style I enjoy better. If you would like to see for yourself, I really enjoyed this portfolio: [2D ART] Wolsait Portfolio; it is only 300 Robux. If you don’t like this style, that is something opinion-based, I’m not going to try to change your opinion.

That style he use don’t take a lot time like the mine or other peoples style

I also really enjoy this one [CLOSED] || 2D Artist || Liruko

I saw your not looking for my and other people style


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