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GFFS is Hiring a 3D Modeller

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About us

Hiya, I’m here on behalf of Glacier Falls Figure Skating. We’re an up and coming figure skating group. I am not the owner, but since English is my first language, I manage communications. Please message me with all matters related to this job offer.

Our group - Glacier Falls Figure Skating - Roblox

Our communications server - Glacier Falls Figure Skating

Job detail

We are looking for a set of assets for our upcoming ice-skating game, most of which are ice skates for character customization. Currently we need 8 assets, each with a variant. Each variant will be an alteration of the original created item, for the different body type.


Communication via Discord.

Familiarity with a 3D modelling program (blender, etc.) with .OBJ or other compatible files for roblox

7+ months of experience with blender and roblox importing (Exceptions made on presentation of portfolio)


Knowledge of texture painting, texture creation, etc.

You must meet all these requirements to apply!


Each original asset pays from 2000 to 4000 R$. Each alter of the original items will pay between 800 t0 1800 R$.

Our only method for payment currently is through group funds.

As well as this, we will give you the option of staying in the group, to help us in the future for updates and game additions, for which you will be paid. (Example – Halloween update meshes, R$3,000.)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, join our discord server or message @kitkatsncoffee through Roblox.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Please note that some form of portfolio, example or link to your work is required for consideration.

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