[CLOSED] Hiring a Builder [150K+ ROBUX]


This recruitment is currently closed until futher notice, the position has been filled.

About Me!

Hey, I’m luaClifford, and I am creating a ninja-based game with a friend, and am looking for a builder or two to create a map and some assets for me!

Main Task

  • I am looking for someone, or multiple people, who can design a well-optimized map that performs well on all platforms. I strongly prefer a map being built with a low-poly style, but any can work as long as it looks good.
  • The entirety of the game is surrounded around the topic of ninjas, so a map involving buildings such as dojos or the Chinese culture would be great.
  • My explanation may not be the best, but if we get in contact I can provide an example of such, and answer any questions you have.
  • I am fairly lenient, but I would ask for you to put as much effort as you could into this, and I also would like consistent updates on how the map is going.
  • I would need this map in about 7-12 days.
  • I will most likely ask you in the near future to build onto the map for me (and if it is a large enough addition, I can gladly pay more.)


  • I only pay in ROBUX, and the price is completely negotiable.
  • The starting offer will be 150,000 ROBUX (after tax), but I am willing to go higher.


  • Discord: brandon#3391
  • Please be ready to show me some examples of your work. Thanks!

This looks like a good oppurtunity, except it is quite hard to build a large detailed map in only 7-12 days. The payment seems fair though.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be large nor detailed. The simpler the more optimized, but I would still like the map to look nice and neat.

Insterested. I sent you a friend request on Discord.

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I’m interested in this opportunity!

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