[CLOSED] Hiring a builder for a small town project


The New Zealand group staff and development team is looking for a builder(s) for an upcoming project. The current development team is busy maintaining our current games, so we’re looking for someone to work on this project while we continue our maintenance.

About the project

The project is Queenstown, New Zealand. Queenstown is a small town with the standard grid layout. Majority of the map will probably be terrain. We’re hoping the project doesn’t take more than a month, because it would probably take our team less. We’re also not looking for god tier detail; however, we still want a nice looking map. I will be assisting the builder(s) and supplying some of our already made assets, so you’ll only be making buildings, terrain, and roads(we have the road decals) from scratch.

We’re looking for a builder(s) that will work everyday or atleast 4-5 days out of the week. We want a builder(s) that doesn’t have any other commissions in progress and can only focus on ours until it is complete.

Reference picture of Queenstown, New Zealand

We’re basing the map off Queenstown so you can just drop into streetview and get all your building references at any time. You are not building every single building on that map and our map will be even smaller compared to that picture. If I could “guestimate” how much of that picture you’d be actually building, I’d say 60%.


We are offering USD as the main way of payment. If you’re not comfortable with USD as payment, then we can pay in robux. We are offering $150-$250USD for this project. The price is influenced on how fast it’s finished and how many days you put into the project a week. We are willing to discuss the payment if you have any concerns.


You can contact me through Discord at marcusss#4465. Please have a portfolio of your prior work prepared and ready.



Seems pretty good to me. I send a Discord request.
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Sounds good I’m interested trying to get this to 30 characters lol

Oh, this town is kinda big or it’s me?

I stated in the post that we’d only be using, a guestimate, 60% of that city and the rest of the map would be terrain. We’re not looking for a massive city at all.

is there any position for a gfx artist one time job?
i would be happy to apply for the job if there is one …
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Feel free to contact via email : itsdjaymen1@gmail.com
Or via Discord (Recommended) : Ay-Men xD#7917

Regards :slight_smile:

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