[Closed] Hiring a Builder for an RPG

About Us

Hi there! I’m Krunnie, a project manager for a small development group called Rebeat. We’re looking to recruit a builder for our main project - God’s Tower.

The Team
@Krunnie - Project Manager, Clothing Designer, Animator
@thunder878712817 - Scripter
For Hire - Builder
@Doctor_Derpe - Clothing Designer
@liler_garlic - Mesher
@TheDreamDealer - Animator

About the Game

This section will be hidden due to the fact that it may take up some space.

Game Summary

Basically, the game is an RPG kind of game and is going to be based on the tower mechanics from SIU’s Tower of God (hence the creative name of the game). We’re planning on having an original storyline that’ll take place in a tower similar to the original w/ some extras (classes, races, families etc.) from the main with our small twist to them.

About The Job

We’re looking for someone who’s able to do cartoony maps and props for us in both medieval and modern styles. Preferably someone who already has a portfolio and/or who isn’t afraid to experiment with lighting and builds.


  • You must be 13 or older
  • Must have a Trello and Discord Account


Note: I know that the payment is whack altho I can’t really offer more

We offer base 10% profits (which is going to change once the investors will be paid off) + additional R$ payments you’ll be getting during the game’s development (it’ll be a split payment for the work you’ll do for us - negotiable).

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Krunnie#0919
You can also reach out to me via my Twitter. NOTE: Due to the fact that for some reasons I don’t get any notifications when someone DMs me there, it’s the least effective contact method.


I am also interested. Emilio#3969

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I am a modeler, very experienced.

Send me a friend request on Discord please


I don’t really need a modeler, sorry.

I’m much more of a builder.

@Krunnie I do low-poly,props & more.

It’d be advisable to change the title of the post if you’re no longer looking for a role.

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Ah right, I forgot :sweat_smile:

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Opening this one up again since our builder left the project and I don’t want to create another topic while this one’s still opened.

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What style of Building?

Unless you want more details on it.

My bad, I Cartoony like Low Poly no Textures? Cause I can build with Meshes and stuff…

I don’t think that it would require texturing as long as there won’t be a problem to add colors to them. I honestly don’t know much about meshing so I can’t really tell :sweat_smile:

I can UV Wrap Textures to it if you want textures as well.

Cause I’m down to do it to be honest.

I mean if you feel like doing it then it would be pretty awesome. Want to take this to Discord?


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