[CLOSED] Hiring a Builder | Quick Job

Job Information

I’m currently looking for a proficient builder to design two small things for me. The build doesn’t have to be super detailed, but it should look visually appealing.

  • I am looking for a stage. The stage should be decently large and very colorful and a bit detailed. I do not have a specific design so it can be whatever you wish.

  • I am looking for a colorful obstacle course that should take about 5 minutes for the user to complete. The design of the obstacle course doesn’t need to be detailed. I want it simple and colorful. What I need specifically, once again, is up to you


Upon completion, you will be paid $20 via paypal. However, I am free to renegotiate the payment.

Contact Info

Discord: InstanceChanged#5771


I am interested in this, I added you in discord. This is mine a_mystical#0655

We can discuss this on discord! Thanks

I am interested! I have added you on discord. My discord is Rikk#8485. Looking forward to discussing more on discord!

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Hello! Thank you all for your interest. The position is now closed :slight_smile:

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