[CLOSED] Hiring a builder

About Us

We are making an FNF multiplayer game (Friday Night Funkin’) and we need a builder!
Please contact us thru discord or dev forum
(discord: Smokey#2637)
(smokeys discord because im lazy)

The Team
@PotatoIsaiahg - Game Organizer & Animator
@StudDraft - Game Manager & UI Designer
@xelph_rs - Scripting
@Out_Mance - Animation
@Skytrooper_happy - Animation
@AnimatorSarnaft - Animation
@frisk100498 - Art

You can see our progress so far here: Forever Funkin' - Roblox
(not too much progress yet lol)

We will need a Map/Lobby for the game made within a Month
(Map must require ZERO freemodels, we will check)


We are paying 35K-75K Robux. Our preferred payment method is robux, because we are poor and only have robux.
You will be paid once the build is finished, or if you would like we could pay you before the build is made.

Thanks for reading! :cowboy_hat_face:


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