(CLOSED) Hiring a builder!

I am looking for an experienced builder who can build a mall similar to Aesthetic Mall, AMELOSER (aesthetic mall), or Tiger ® Mall. roblox.com/games/4708415155/Aesthetic-Mall [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox ❄ Tiger ® Outfit Mall - Roblox. I would like it to have 15-25 stores. Contact me on discord if you are interested. babygirl#3594 let me know when you friend me

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Hiya! I am very interested!!! Do you have Discord so we can talk there?

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Thank you I changed it. Someone else Had told me to move it here.

I edited it. Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah. It’s babygirl#3594. Let me know when you send the request

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Any information about payment?

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I’m sorry it’s closed I already found a builder.

Hiya! Sent the request!!! Hope we can make this work!

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